1. This well has never dried up. On the contrary it has always fulfilled the demand for water.

2. It has always maintained the same salt composition and taste ever since it came into existence. Its potability has always been universally recognized as pilgrims from all over the world visit Ka’aba every year for Haj and Umrah, but have never complained about it. Instead, they have always enjoyed the water that refreshes them.

3. Water tastes different at different places. Zum Zum water’s appeal has always been universal.

4. This water has never been chemically treated or chlorinated, as is the case with water pumped into the cities. Biological growth and vegetation usually takes place in most wells. This makes the water unpalatable owing to the growth of algae causing taste and odor problems. But in the case of the Zum Zum water well, there wasn’t any sign of biological growth.